The Porter Zone

Philosophical musings and more



Discussion of subjects that are broadly ‘philosophical’ in that they deal with definitional issues, and theoretical questions of possibility rather than practicalities.


Discussion of the theory of knowledge, including logic, language, belief and metaphysics in as far as they relate to our ability to apprehend ‘reality’ and the extent to which we can be certain in our knowledge of it.

Epistemic barriers

Discussion of the existence of possible systemic barriers to the passage of knowledge which may lead to there being information that is in principle unknowable.

Politics and society

Discussion principally of the nature of the state, particularly with a view to analysing how an open society (in the Popperian sense) can remain stable, and whether it is possible to build a ‘leaderless’ society.


Studies of economics, generally relating to macroeconomics, and philosophical aspects thereof.


Studies of politics and theory of state peculiar to the United States of America.

Sex and sexuality

Discussion of issues relating to sex and sexuality, including analysis of gender and sexuality, consideration of feminism, and the nature of eroticism.

Artistic criticism

General commentary on the arts.  This can range from discussions of individual pieces, to movements to entire modes of expression, as well as of existing theories surrounding the arts.

Film studies

General discussion of film.  Includes both analysis of general cultural trends in the cinema, as well as particular aspects of film, as well as film theory.

Male gaze

A series of pieces on the ‘Male Gaze’ theory of Lara Mulvey which, essentially, deconstruct it, demonstrating that its foundations are insecure (because it is not clear what ‘male’ means), and that its conclusions are, in addition, fundamentally flawed.


General discussion of the sciences, though from a philosophical, rather than a practical point-of-view.  So, for example, the concerns are not with details of how we do quantum mechanics, but whether we actually understand how we should do quantum mechanics.


Subjects relating to physics.

Quantum mechanics

Largely discussion of philosophical aspects of quantum theory and quantum field theory, but also some mathematical papers attempting to put the philosophical principles into practice by building an epistemologically sound theory.


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