Male privilege bad; White privilege good

I am going to be controversial again. I was taken aback by this piece of argument on the subject of the matter of the day – no, I don’t mean Brexit, or what it means to have a lunatic as President of the United States, but sexual molestation. It writer appears to think that the problem is not a few bad apples, but in fact all of us, so we need a whole new sexual culture: “This isn’t about a bad apples, it’s about our broken sexual culture”

Now, at another time I would be very happy to grant that the US (and, the world as a whole, but our subject today is the US) has some very confused ideas about sex. What are we to make of a culture in which patting a woman’s bottom is apparently sufficient to destroy one’s career, and yet women are openly treated like so much meat by the entertainment industry? Where undergraduates turn unsubstantiated claims of rape into art projects, yet it seems to be taken as read that jocks / sports heroes / big guys on campus (for which, if, like me, you share the shame of not being a USAer, read ‘over-muscled morons’) have the right to take any thing or woman they want? (remember that excitingly awful rape case in Ohio a few years back?)

However, deeply dysfunctional as all that is, the current sex debate seems to have lost its way and lost whatever sense of proportion it might once have had. So, let me ask a question: is not the real problem that so very many people in the US have got so very hung up on sex that they have somehow convinced themselves that it is the single most important thing in the whole wide world? And, is it a coincidence that they all seem to be white and privileged?


Which actually matters more:¬†privileged white women getting their bottoms patted without prior permission, or that being a black person in the US means that, if you happen to encounter a cop, there’s a good chance they’ll shoot you, just because they can?

Now, according to a writer in the Washington Post (whom I shall leave nameless, for obvious reasons), to say that black lives matter more than whether or not privileged white bottoms are being patted is very, very wrong. We should accept that racial justice must come second to the terrible trauma suffered by privileged white women who have led such uneventful lives that they seriously go on as if being propositioned is on a par with genocide.

This is insane.

Which means…

The author of the blog post above has missed the point. The problem is not a broken sexual culture. The problem is that privileged white USAers live in a bubble and are so closed-minded that they think that their concerns about sexual culture are the most significant issue facing the world today. They, and their ‘leaders’ are very happy to ignore the fact that, for everyone else, things like not getting shot by a cop, being able to get enough to live on, not dying of a preventable disease, paying the rent, or being able to keep your children healthy and well-fed, are slightly more pressing.

The whole #MeToo thing is simply a distraction. It allows privileged whites to think they are good, noble ethical beings, doing their bit for the betterment of the human race, when in fact the problem is that they exist at all, and the systemic double standard that makes all of this possible. But, obviously, if you know that you are doing your bit for justice by going to a #MeToo Survivor’s rally (I love the unconscious irony of that title) and bonding with all the other white, privileged people there, it’s much easier to ignore those people who aren’t privileged enough to have a home, and those really scary people who aren’t even white…

And, of course, their privileged white leaders, you know, the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Kirstin Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer, are never, not for one moment, going to mention this. Why should they? It gives them an excuse to purge their party of decent, sensible, moderate individuals, and to remake it in their own image. That is to say, as a collection of people so utterly absorbed with the needs of the white and the privileged, that Trump could probably beat them from within a prison cell.

The only Democrat Party leader who even remotely gets this is, oddly, the one they all hate, and who is increasingly becoming a target of #MeToo rhetoric. The one who they say must be an evil misogynist, because she called women, who assumed they could supplant her because they had better, younger bodies, bubble heads. You know: the one who won the Presidential election in 2016 by three million votes.


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