Paradigm shifts, perspective, impressionism, epistemology

Introduction What I want to talk about today is Kuhn's concept of paradigms and paradigm shifts.  This much-misunderstood theory of science is often popularised as claiming that science progresses not by orderly development and deduction from evidence, but rather as a form of beauty contest, with current orthodoxy being that which happens to be most … Continue reading Paradigm shifts, perspective, impressionism, epistemology


Conceptual art is when . . .

Introduction We all know them when we see them.  Works of art then when you look at them create a kind of inner 'what the?' question, and which only begin to make sense when you read the little essay provided by the artist.  Or worse yet, where one comes away with the distinct impression that … Continue reading Conceptual art is when . . .

Art that provokes thought; art that doesn’t

Introduction Art can be broadly classified into two groups: narrative and non-narrative. Within the narrative group, there is a further division between those art-works, which I will call closed, that are complete in and of themselves, and those, which I will call open, that were made deliberately incomplete, so that they would force their consumer … Continue reading Art that provokes thought; art that doesn’t