Why I do not believe stories about AI

We all know that AI is meant to be taking over the world and doing amazing things, things you would never dream of: finding facts, discovering our political weak-spots, and (most important) doing all those things that we used to think only people could do, like play chess, answer telephones, or - today's subject - … Continue reading Why I do not believe stories about AI


The illusion of time and space

Introduction We are in the habit of assuming that the way the world appears to us is the way that it is.  Folk epistemology (and, rather regrettably, some academic epistemology) tends towards the Platonic notion that when we perceive an object then we, as it were, directly apprehend its true nature in our minds.  And … Continue reading The illusion of time and space

Paradigm shifts, perspective, impressionism, epistemology

Introduction What I want to talk about today is Kuhn's concept of paradigms and paradigm shifts.  This much-misunderstood theory of science is often popularised as claiming that science progresses not by orderly development and deduction from evidence, but rather as a form of beauty contest, with current orthodoxy being that which happens to be most … Continue reading Paradigm shifts, perspective, impressionism, epistemology