On the Golden Globes: fashionable demagoguery

We have seen a large amount of startlingly fawning coverage of last night's Golden Globes ceremony.  How everyone wearing black made a forceful political statement, how Hollywood showed how much in advance of Washington it is, how Oprah ought to be President and how the world had been saved and we could now all live … Continue reading On the Golden Globes: fashionable demagoguery


Ethical / philosophical Brexit

Too much of the argument for and against Brexit has been taken up with specious claims about nationalism, internationalism, identity politics, living in the past, looking to the future, and so on and so forth. I think it is time to take another look, and see why it is that Brexit was inevitable, pretty much from the moment that the idea of a European Union (as opposed to an European Economic Community) was first mooted.

Post-neo-apres-Keynesian economics

Introduction In these times of massive recession and general tightening of credit, popular discourse is rediscovering the joy of Keynesian macroeconomics, in particular Keynes' views on how to stimulate an economy that is underperforming.  What this generally boils down to is a call for protectionism (consider, for example, the US administration's woefully misguided 'buy American' … Continue reading Post-neo-apres-Keynesian economics