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Future topics



  • A look at neo-Platonism, using the machinery of epistemic barriers, which, it turns out, greatly simplifies some of the many and various problems with this school of philosophy.
  • Epistemic barriers revisited.  Revisit the argument about unlocalised nature of barriers because it isn’t entirely clear. Point out that if you can locate them then you de facto know what is on the other side. Also clarify the observation that they are always infinitely far away. So you can tell that there is a barrier between you and X, because understanding of X breaks down, but you can never find where it is, because however ‘close’ you get, there will always be some way further that you can go.
  • A study of belief.  It turns out to be possible to distinguish at least four kinds of belief, and the easiest way to understand them is by applying the machinery of modal logic.  Hopefully the piece will do something to present a general framework in which the various forms (of which all of us use several, depending on context) may coexist.
  • A look at the a priori.  It’s a mainstay of Cartesian epistemology that there is such a thing as a priori truth.  I intend to argue that in fact such truths can be seen as being exceptionally strongly held beliefs that limit the set of epistemic possibilities we are open to, and so appear to be infallibly true only because we cannot see the cases where they are not.


  • Eruptions of the unconscious: shadow projections and how this relates to creativity.


Film studies

  • A look at the central European new wave.  What can the central European new wave cinema tell us? (In a repressive state, irrealism is the only way to say the unsayable; irrealism is the only way to respond to a reality that is insane) Why is it that central European cinema and literature is generally so much less concerned with reality?


General physics

  • The illusion of time and space.  Are time and space features of reality, or artefacts imposed by the structure of our minds?  If they are, what causes the sensation of time passing?  And what might ‘reality’ look like in the absence of concepts of time and space?  Interesting ramifications for quantum theory.

Quantum theory

  • A fresh start with quantum theory.  An attempt to set out a basic axiomatic quantum theory that does not make the mistake of trying to interpret the uninterpretable, but accepts the separation of the human and quantum realms.
  • Quantum field theory and epistemic barriers.  I have asserted that the manifold problems of QFT arise from the fact that is attempting to understand what is on the other side of a barrier.  First, can I prove this, and second, what does it say about the kind of theory that we should be looking for?

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